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Texturizing agents like gellan gum are mainly used to add or modify the overall texture or mouth-feel of food products ,also can improve the texture of the food by providing it with creaminess, clarity, thickness, viscosity, and various other characteristics.

Emulsifiers and stabilizers are the primary additive in texturizing agent.

Emulsifiers allow flavors or oils to be dispersed throughout the foods.

Stabilizers such as carrageenan as well as gellan gums. These two additives have been used for many years to provide the desired texture in products such as ice-cream ,dairy foods,farinaceous foods or other liquid products.

Gellan gum not only a good choice of gelling agent,but can also be used as emulsion where structure and stability are required.especially in South East Asia,because in there texture is a very important feature in foods. Often foods are eaten for their texture rather than their flavor. Such as birds nest,sea cucumber,jelly fish and shark fin, all possess a highly desirable texture.and gellan gum can be used to simulate the texture of these asia foods. It has been proved very effective and gellan gum is popular texturizing agent of food additive in there. Gellan gum can be used to produce clear,thermostable water based drinking jelly,to give texture and provide cooling sensation when been added to drinks.


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