~Both High Acyl & Low Acyl Gellan Gum.100% Pure & Natural powder,vegan friendly & non-GMO
Gellan Gum is derived from corn under fermentation procedure. the low acyl gellan gum will be get when acyls of natural gellan gum is removed.

Solutions or gels made from low acyl gellan gum is clear with transparency >85%

Usually, fruit pulps/cubes or other insoluble particles in beverages would drop down, 
by using gellan gum it will avoid this.

CINOGEL helps the beverages manufacturers to produce high transparency beverages with furits pulps/cubes suspending averagely in beverage.

The most important advantage for Gellan Gum is that it can keep insoluble particles such as chia seeds / basil seeds / coconut cubes / aloe vera / man-made fruit cubes suspending in drinks. 

Gellan Gum is used at very low levels only 0.02% and the solutions made is very clear.

Compared with other other hydrocolloids, gellan gum can be used in the beverage with PH from 3.5- 8.0; so you dont need to care about the PH much.

Gellan Gum can also be used to improve the products heat stability, With Ca++ or Mg++, Gellan Gum can establish a heat irreversible suspension system.
When the particles suspending after cooling, even heating the beverage again for sterilization,  the suspension will still remain stable.

Gellan Gum is very sensitive to kations such as Mg++, Ca++, Na+, K+, but the application of gelling and suspending performance must need those kations. The dissolving of gellan gum needs heating while it can only form gels on cooling. So the application of GELLAN GUM needs typical procedures.:
    1.Mix gellan gum with other materials and dispersed in cold water (adding chelating agent can help to dissolve the colloid).
    2.Heat to above 85ยบ until fully dissolved.
    3.Add Kations(Ca, Mg, Na, KCl, and so on);
    4.Cooling the mixture to form gel and stable suspending system. 

Recommended Recipes: Gellan Gum 0.02%; Sodium Citrate 0.02%;Sodium Polyphosphate 0.015%; Calcium Carbonate 0.04%; White Sugar 4%; Citric Acid 0.2%; Fruit Pulps; Parfum; Sweetener; Add water to 100%.


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ISO KOSHER HALAL certified both High Acyl & Low Acyl PURE gellan gum.

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