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Gellan gum can be used to prepare a honey apple gel beverage without significantly increasing beverage viscosity. A beverage with the following formulation was prepared:
honey apple gel beverage with gellan gum
honey apple gel beverage with gellan gum

Ingredients                                           wt.%

Part 1

Water                                                   47.30
Honey                                                  10.00
Apple juice                                          32.30
Sucrose                                                10.00
CINOGEL Low Acyl gellan gum      0.09
Sodium citrate dihydrate                  0.06

Part 2

Water                                                  5.00
Citric acid anhydrous                      0.25
Calcium lactate pentahydrate        1.00     

Part 1
Blend together sucrose,Low Acyl gellan gum, and sodium citrate dihydrate and disperse into water heated at 185° F until fully hydrated. Heat the honey and apple juice to 122° F and add to the gellan gum solution.

Part 2
Dissolve the citric acid calcium lactate pentahydrate into the water and mix thoroughly with Part 1.Deposit into suitable containers and allow to cool. The resulting product is a gelled product which can be consumed following shaking to break the gel matrix.

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