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Cocoa suspension in chocolate beverage with HA gellan.HA gellan has the ability to suspend cocoa particles and calcium minerals in soy chocolate milk with smooth beverage appearance.

Chocolate beverage formulation:

Ingredients                       Percentage

Water                                        85.97

Sugar                                         8.00

Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder          5.00

Cocoa Powder                            1.00

HA gellan gum                            0.03


1. Mix together all dry ingredients.

2. Add premixed dry ingredients to water under agitation.

3. Heat the solution to 87°C.

4. Homogenize at 1500 psi first stage, 500 psi second stage.

5. UHT process 6 sec at 138°C.

6. Fill under aseptic conditions at 25°C.


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