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一、Brief Instruction of Gellan Gum:

Gellan gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharide gum produced by a pure culture fermentation of a carbohydrate by strains of Pseudomonas elodea, purified by recovery with propan-2-ol or ethanol, dried, and milled. The high molecular weight polysaccharide is principally composed of a tetrasaccharide repeating unit of one rhamnose, one glucuronic acid, and two glucoses, and substituted with acyl(glyceryl and acetyl) groups as the O-glycosidically linked esters. The glucuronic acid is neutralised to a mixed potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium salt. The Origin of Gellan Gum is NON-GMO Corn Planted in China Mainland.


molecular structural formula of HA gellan gum


Pic(1a):molecular structural formula of HA gellan gum


molecular structural formula of LA gellan gum

Pic(1b):molecular structural formula of LA gellan gum



二、Application of Gellan Gum

Gellan gum is now widely used as subsitute of Agar Agar, Carrageenan, Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum. It can be used as gelling agent, thickening agent, stabilizing agent and suspending agent. It has advantages of low dosage, high transparency,strong aroma release, acid resistance, alkali resistance and so on. It can provide good quality and improve taste. It is a kind of brittle gel,which is sensitive to shear stress. And it also has good flavor releasing and stability in a wide range of PH value.

It can be used for the improvement of food structure, nutriton, physical stability of liquid food, cooking and storage in water holding capacity. Gellan gum has good compatibility with other ingredients, like agar, carrageenan, xanthan gum, CMC,etc. In order to improve the stability or change the structure of the tissue. In addition, it can also improve modified starch, to obtain the best texture characteristics and stability.

Gellan gum has been widely used in food and beverage industries, such as pudding, jelly, ice cream, bakery, fruit juice, jams, bakery, meat, bread stuffing, candy, seasoning, etc. It can also used in non food industries, such as microbial culture medium, cosmetics, car freshener, oil drilling, etc.

Low acyl gellan gum: Colloid solubility is more sensitive to the metal ions (K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg 2+, etc). In other words, the soluble salt can affect the dissolution of gellan gum, but the gel and suspension effect need these ions. Therefore, you d better add the soluble salts after gellan gum dissolved fully. the optimum sol temperature is above 80. The typical application steps are as follows: (1) in the cool deionized water, add gellan gum and stir fully; (2) Heat temperature to above 85; (3) add salt (cation); (4) cool the mixture to form a gel or a stable suspension system. Low acyl gellan gum is usually used in transparent suspension drinks, jelly, jams, tissue culture medium plants, air freshener, cosmetics, etc.

High acyl gellan gum: Colloid solubility is not so sensitive to the metal ions(K+, Na+, Ca2+, Mg 2+, etc).it can be used with monovalent and divalent soluble salt, which are necessary for suspension effect and stability. The optimum sol temperature is above 80. pH range is 3.4-7.5. High acyl gellan gum is usually used in non transparent beverage or food, such as dairy products, grain beverage, plant protein drinks, health drinks, meat products, etc. It can also used with CMC, guar, microcrystalline cellulose, pectin, carrageenan to broaden its scope of application.


三、Examples of gellan gum application(for reference)

1 gellan gum used in suspension fruit drinks:

Gellan gum compounded with other food gum can be used for the preparation of invisible drink, colloidization soda, fruit suspended drinks, etc. The suspension effect of gellan gum is very good, and it is highly resistant to acid, which is a good stability in the storage process. And this is the advantages of other gums can not replace it.

Basic formulation:


Low acyl gellan gum


Sodium citrate


Sodium polyphosphate






Citric acid


Fruit pieces




First mix all materials except citric acid and fruit pieces to add in deionized water and Stirring constantly. then rise the temperature to 85C and keep 15 min to make sure gellan gum dissolved
fully. After that, you  add the  citric  acid, pls be well noted that you  d  better reducing the dosage of it to make sure the PH value above 4.0( at least 3.5). when the solution becomes transparent, then add fruit pieces and cool dow the temperature to about 23C. at this time it can float equably.

low acyl gellan gum in suspension drink


2. gellan gum used in juice


Gellan gum has good applications in a wide PH range, especially in acidic system. Gellan gum has more advantages, comparing with xanthan gum, carrageenan, etc. Gellan gum used in juice can effectively prevent the flesh of the insoluble particles from precipitation and flocculation. And it can maintain the stability of the who system and has superior taste.


Basic formulation:


high acyl gellan gum


Sodium citrate


Sodium polyphosphate


Concentrated juice




Potassium sorbate


Fruit pieces






Mix high acyl gellan gum and sugar, adding in deionized water, stirring in the accession to the 20%NaCl, 20% 600uL of potassium sorbate, heating and boiling then maintained 3-5min, cooled to about 60C, adding concentrated juice, then adjust pH value with citric acid or malic acid to 3.8-4.2, hot filling (pre cooked processed fruit pieces or 5mm * 5mm * 5mm coconut fruit are in the bottle), observe the suspended situation after cooling,The floating effect can be effectd by fruit size, gellan gum dosage, solution temperature, cooling and storage time. etc.

high acyl gellan gum in juice

3. gellan gum used in acid dairy products


Gellan gum can be used in dairy products, such as yogurt, fermented yogurt or direct acidification of milk gel. Gellan gum as a food stabilizer can suspend milk powder particles and large size fruit pieces. It can improve the taste as well as can provide higher quality gel and consistence.

Basic formulation:


high acyl gellan gum 0.025-0.035%


Sodium citrate 0.07%


CMC 0.3%


Sugar 4%


Whole milk powder(by national standard 4% protein content 1%)

Emulsifier some


Fruit pieces some


Flavours some



Mix high acyl gellan gum, CMC, salt and sugar, stirring and adding in deionized water, heating temperature to make gellan gum dissolved fully. Then adding milk powder, flavours sweeteners, etc. Cool and adjust PH value with citric acid or malic acid to about 4.1, hot filling (pre cooked processed fruit pieces or 5mm * 5mm * 5mm coconut fruit are in the bottle).

high acyl gellan gum in fruit yogurt and lactobacillus drink

4.gellan gum used in vegetable protein drinks

The vegetable protein  beverage is the fastest growing  soft drink industry, plant protein in

recent  years.  The main  raw  materials  are  nuts  and  fruit  plups.  Gellan gum  used  in

vegetable protein drinks  can improve the taste, and also  has a function of increasing  the

consistence  and  stability  of   the  protein.  Moreover,  it  can  also   be  used  with  other

hydrophilic   colloids,  such   as  carrageenan,   guar   gum,  locust   bean   gum,  etc.The

combination of  synergistic  effect are  good and  stable. High  acyl  gellan gum  is usually

used in walnut milk, peanut milk, cocoa milk, corn juice, mung bean juice, etc.

Basic formulation:

high acyl gellan gum 0.03-0.05% 

Sodium citrate 0.05% 

Calgon 0.02% 

Sugar 4% 

Walnut powder 4% 

Emulsifier some 

Flavours some

Add walnut  powder in  deionized water, Keeping  30min at  60℃, after  filtration of colloid

millto,dry mixing  high  acyl gellan  gum,  salt and  sugar, stirring  and  pouring into  above

solution. Then heating temperature to above 85℃ and keeping 15min to make gellan gum

dissolved  fully.  And  adjust   PH  value  with  baking  soda   to  about  6.8.  Finally,   UHT

sterilization, keep 3s at 140℃, then cooling and filling.

high acyl gellan gum used in vegetable protein drinks

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