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Gellan gum is commonly used as a gelling agent,however,it can be used to prepare structured liquids which are extremely efficient suspending agents. These structured liquids are gelling systems which have been subjected to shear either during or after the gelation process.

The application of shear disrupts normal gelation and results,under certain conditions,in smooth homogeneous,pourable systems often referred to as fluid gels.

Suspending agent like Gellan Gum is a food additive that used in beverage drinks to keep particles suspension or dispersion and reduce sedimentation.

All these drinks can contain preservatives, and drinks other than juices can contain additives to colour, flavour and sweeten. They may also need a suspending agent like gellan gum to prevent what fruit there is from falling to the bottom of the bottle.


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ISO KOSHER HALAL certified both High Acyl & Low Acyl PURE gellan gum.

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