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What is Gellan Gum?

Gellan Gum is a high molecular weight polysaccharides processed by a pure culture fermentation of a carbohydate by Pseudomonas elodea, purified by recovery with Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethanol, dried, and milled. Main raw materials of producing gellan gum are Corn/Maized glucose powder, Soy*Soya protein / Pea protein and Yeast Extract. 

We can offer both pea protein gellan gum and soya protein gellan gum as you like.

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Gellan Gum types:

1.High Acyl Gellan Gum

High Acyl Gellan Gum is in natural organization without deacylation. But low acyl gellan gum acyl group has been removed. Gellan Gum HA can be dispersed well in cold water and dissolved thoroughly after heating. HA Type Gellan Gum is of very weak reaction to proteins so it is widely applied in plant protein beverages such as walnuts drinks and chocolate beverages. The Gels formed by HA Gellan Gum is milky and non-transparent but elasctic.

Due to its very high lifting powder, HA Type Gellan Gum is a very good kind of stabilizer which could keep insoluble particles suspending and avoid dropping down.

High Acyl Gellan Gum is perfect for netural pH UHT and HTST Dairy Beverage , milk, dairy beverages, yoguhrt, plant protein beverages, milk free drinks. 

High Acyl Gellan Gum could also be applied in meat products to enhance the elastic characteristics when combined with Konjac Gum and Carrageenan. 

2.Low Acyl Gellan Gum

Low acyl Gellan Gum  is a perfect gelling / stabilizing agent applied in food and beverages, personal care products,and solid air fresheners. 

LA Gellan Gum is refined white powder with high transparency when dissolving in water. The Gels formed by LA Gellan Gum is clear and brittle. 

LA Gellan Gum is of very low viscosity (approx 30-70cps).

Gellan Gum Feed culture:

Soy/Soya protein or Pea protein.

Is Pea protein gellan gum really safe than soya protein gellan gum?

NOT FOR GELLAN GUM,both soya protein gellan gum and pea protein gellan gum are SAFE.

Pea protein is a growing in popularity all the time as more people try and discover it. Mostly because it is vegan, contains no lactose, and is not a popular allergen.

Originally, Soy Protein was the go-to choice for people who needed a plant-based protein source. They later found out that soy protein is a common allergen.yes,if a product contains soy ingredients (e.g., soybean oil). it may cause allergic reaction, but highly processed ingredients derived from soy (e.g., glycerin or tocopherol) will not cause any allergic reaction.

While gellan gum is such highly processed product by fermentation technology,and it has been approved by many international researchers that"fermentation takes the allergy out of soy",

during the fermentation process, proteins are broken down into very small pieces that can't be identified by the antibodies that produce the allergic reaction, so that is to say,no more soy-allergen risk.

Plus,this has been accepted by many famous brand,for example the "SkinSAFE",you can check the attached image for more details. gellan gum is not only the fermentation product, but also the highly processed ingredient.

soy free

So we can get an conclusion that Both Soya protein gellan gum & Pea protein gellan gum are safe with no allergic risk.


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