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Gellan gum(CAS:71010-52-1) has been listed on the ingredient lists for many kinds of non-dairy beverages in the world.

Many almond based non dairy creamers contains Gellan Gum.and in the almond beverage,high acyl gellan gum can be used as thickener as the best choice of thickening agent to make a non-GMO beverage products.

Because gellan gum is a naturally occurring carbohydrate which not made of any animal product,it is made by fermentation process from a bacterial culture found in nature.So you can say gellan gum is natural gum,vegan friendly gum.
non dairy beverage

It gives many benefits in food and beverage products. For many plant protein based drinks,the particulates can not dissolve,so we should find a way to let them disperse and suspended uniformly.

While gellan gum will do such work and it is extremely effective in small use levels in stabilizing certain mixtures, providing improved texture and suspending the important nutrients, minerals and other ingredients in liquid products so you don’t get sediment on the bottom. Gellan gum is good at suspending insoluble ingredients without add viscosity. It is better than carrageenan because it will add viscosity.
it also been used as a thickening agent to bind water to keep water from separating out and forming a layer on top of beverage drinks.

At last gellan gum is an all-natural ingredient approved for use in organic products also is very popular in almond milks and the almond milk made with gellan gum can be called as “Vegan”, almond milks are often free of dairy,soy,gluten,casein,egg,MSG and Lactose.

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