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What does Gellan gum do? Like other ice cream stabilizers, its main purpose is to bind water. And it certainly does this very effectively: Even a small amount suffices to bring about effects that would require much larger quantities of egg yolks, fat molecules, starches, or Agar agar.

Gellan gum is a quite new invention. Actually derived from the fermentation of a bacteria, Gellan was first discovered/developed in a U.S laboratory towards the end of the 1970’s. First approved as a food additive in Japan 1988, it has since become regarded as a versatile and effective stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier. Nowadays, it is widely approved for use in food all over the world, often marketed as a vegan alternative to gelatin.

While the debate about the possible and alleged health hazards of food additives is likely to continue, Gellan gum seems to have come off quite well. The product appears to be not only “officially approved” but also widely considered as both safe and – coming from a bacteria – “more natural” than some other (industrial-grade) stabilizers out there. Ready to take the jump? Read on!

The preparations – easy and straightforward
Start by combining the dairy and most of the sugar in a saucepan. Save a little sugar in which to mix up the Gellan powder (thus further reducing the risks of gelatinous drops forming at the time of insertion).

In order to work properly, Gellan gum needs a temperature of  70° Celsius (158° F), so we will heat our milk/cream mix to that point.
When the temperature is right, add the Gellan gum (mixed up in a little sugar) and whisk until it has been well dispersed in the liquid.Let the Gellan gum work its stabilizing magic for about five minutes or slightly longer: keep the temperature at, or slightly above, 70° Celsius (158° F).

Take off from the heat, let the ice cream base cool down and then, ultimately, chill for a couple of hours or so in the refrigerator. Now, churn the base in your ice cream machine or still-freeze, using your ordinary freezer.
Fior di Latte is a perfect ice cream base for all of us who would like to try something different for a “foundation”. The milk flavour is mild and pleasant in its own right, yet subtle enough to be easily combined with a plethora of possible other flavours. Thanks to the Gellan gum, this ice cream also ends up being relatively “slim”: most of the dairy is milk, and the proportions would not have been possible to pull off successfully without the use of a stabilizer.

As for preparations, they could hardly have been easier: mix all ingredients, let the Gellan gum activate for a handful of minutes at the required temperature, and then cool down/chill and churn the base! Could it be simpler?

Gellan gum as a stabilizer also turned out to be extremely effective: a small amount sufficed to ensure a pleasant structure with a very nice, smooth and inviting texture. These positives were also validated by the pleasant and soft mouthfeel. To my relief, I can also confirm that the Gellan gum did not leave any particular tang either: the overall flavour remained milk – pure and untainted.


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