~Both High Acyl & Low Acyl Gellan Gum.100% Pure & Natural powder,vegan friendly & non-GMO
Gellan gum is a polysaccharide with strong gel forming properties. It makes gels with low concentrations when hot solutions of it are cooled. 

Low Acyl Gellan gum, produces hard brittle gels when set, but can also be sheared to create devastatingly luxurious “fluid gels.” Gellan gum’s fluid gel-ability is its most sought after characteristic. Note to self: Dispersed Gellan gum needs to be heated to at least 70°C to achieve complete hydration.

Naturally, gel strength is affected by concentration, or to put it another way, more Gellan gum equals stronger gels. However, gellan gum gels are stronger than Agar or Kappa Carrageenan at the same dosage. pH does not have much on gellan gum, and a drop of 7.5 to 4 pH won’t really make it sweat.

Calcium ions can be used to affect the gel set point, and allow one to raise the melt point of a gellan gum gel to over 100°C. Literally, you can’t touch this. Gellan gums are clear, and have great mouth feel due to their “tender” brittleness.


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ISO KOSHER HALAL certified both High Acyl & Low Acyl PURE gellan gum.

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