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Gellan Gum: It's Not for Chewing! … 

Gellan gum is a fairly new phenomenon in the field of conservation. It is a firm polysaccharide gel procured from the bacteria on water lily leaves, and has historically been utilized for its medicinal properties.

It was discovered as a successful conservation treatment in 2007, especially with works on paper, and is gaining popularity within the field.

Some examples of treatment with gellan gum were mentioned at the workshop. 

They included its ability to:

  • Remove adhesive from an envelope without damaging the paper or maker's mark. 
  • Remove water-soluble highlighter pen marks from paper. 

The Gellan gum can also reduce staining, flatten creases, remove tape and other stubborn residues, and gently add humidity to troubled areas of the work.

The fact that gellan gum poses few risks has helped it gain popularity within the field. 

It can also be conveniently made in large batches and dehydrated for long-term storage. Batches are then brought out of storage and re-hydrated before use. 

Compared to other techniques, which include careful monitoring or tedious swabbing, gellan gum is relatively self-sufficient and safe.


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