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If you are lactose intolerant or if you are just trying to find some great dairy milk alternative, almond milk will be one of your choices, Although almond milk doesn’t provide you with as much calcium and protein, as regular milk, it does have many other health benefits as belowing:

Almond milk is 100% lactose free and with a wonderful source of Vitamin E,Vitamin E helps prevent premature aging, reducing the amount of free radicals in the body and it is good to our healthy,beautiful and glowing skin.

Almond milk has fewer calories than cows’ milk and soy milk and When you drink almond milk you are getting some daily fiber too which is great help for your digestion.

Gellan gum is a plant-based alternative to gelatin that can be used in almond milk which can help suspending the plant protein and with good flavor release.Gellan gum has gelling, stabilizing, and texture-enhancing properties,it is commonly added to fortified juices and plant milks to help stabilize supplemental nutrients like calcium, keeping them mixed into the beverage rather than pooled at the bottom of the container.

Although almond milk looks like milk, but it doesn’t taste like milk; it tastes better than milk.
Almond milk is great choice for those who don’t like the flavor of dairy milk,it acts like cow’s milk,you can drinking it directly or use it in recipes that require milk.
gellan gum for almond milk


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