Welcome to CINOGEL BIOTECH, We produce and supply both High Acyl & Low Acyl Gellan Gum.
Hi,as we all know, China now is the largest "factory" in the world, you can almost find whatever you want there, so if anyone doing business, it is a good chance to find a reliable china supplier. so,may i know anyone doing gellan gum business?

Gellan Gum outstanding properties include: setting temperature,degree of structure,thermal stability and low viscosity suspension ability.

Gellan Gum has E number E418 and due to the above outstanding properties it is widely used in many products that require gelling,suspending,stabilizing,texturizing,film forming and structuring.

ZHENGZHOU CINOGEL BIOTECH CO.,LTD is a professional chinese manufacturer and fast-growing exporter which specialized in Gellan Gum products ,with annual production capacity of over 500 tons Gellan Gum.


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ZHENGZHOU CINOGEL BIOTECH CO.,LTD a professional chinese Gellan Gum manufacturer with annual production capacity of 500 tons Gellan Gum...more>>


we produce both high acyl & low acyl gellan gum


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