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Gellan Gum outstanding properties include: setting temperature,degree of structure,thermal stability and low viscosity suspension ability.

Gellan Gum has E number E418 and due to the above outstanding properties it is widely used in many products that require gelling,suspending,stabilizing,texturizing,film forming and structuring.

How is Gellan Gum used in foods and beverages?

Gellan gum is found in a variety of popular food and beverage products, including dairy products, drinking yogurts, as well as alternative protein drinks and juices. 

It can also be used as a vegan replacement for gelatin in candies (e.g., gummy bears), and is found in many bakery products and fillings.Gellan gum is a multi-functional ingredient that helps make food more consistent in flavor, texture and nutrients. Specifically, it can be used to stabilize and suspend ingredients in foods/beverages. Take for example a glass of almond milk that’s enhanced with calcium – without gellan gum, the calcium and minerals (along with almond sediment) would settle at the bottom. 

If you’ve ever poured chocolate syrup into a glass of milk, you were probably left with some of the chocolate syrup at the bottom of your glass. Without gellan gum, you’d have similar issues with many beverages found on shelves today. Thanks to gellan gum, nutrients are evenly dispersed so you can enjoy the same great taste and nutritional content from the start to the finish – no stirring necessary. 

Gellan gum works by: 

Evenly distributing protein, minerals, fruit pieces and/or flavors like cocoa or coffee, without you even knowing the gellan gum is there.

Preventing separation during a product’s shelflife (i.e., ensuring yogurt isn’t runny or lumpy when you open a container, etc.)

Typical applications are as following:
  • Milk drinks
  • Yogurt and yogurt drinks
  • Protein drinks
  • Plant based drinks
  • Juice drinks
  • Bakery fillings
  • Candies
  • many more...

Types of gel achievable with Gellan Gum

1. Firm, brittle gel – Using low acyl gellan gum in very low concentrations – from just 0.1% – firm and brittle gels can be made. These gels are crystal clear, making them very appealing visually.

2. Fluid gel – By agitating low acyl gellan gum gels as they cool, fluid gels can be created. They have apparent low viscosity, yet have remarkable suspending properties, successfully suspending particles such as coloured spheres, herbs, and even gases.

3. Elastic gel – By incorporating high acyl gellan, a far more flexible result can be achieved. The resultant gel can be made into thin sheets that can be rolled or folded.

4. Spheres and strands – a pure, gellan gum solution can be dropped into an ion rich water solution to form gelled spheres or strands.

In a word, gellan gum has a number of functional properties that can be readily modified. 

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