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Gellan gum is an economic biopolymer suitable for producing gelatin desserts and jams, since it can be easily gelled and its humidity can be controlled. Gelatin desserts obtained using gellan have a great clarity (transparency) similar to that using gelatin. 
Because gellan gels have a high melting point, desserts can be kept at room temperature. 
The gellan concentration is normally of 0.3%.12 In jam production, pectin can be replaced by gellan. 

Gellan offers products with lower syneresis, with desired sensory properties, and fewer calories compared to pectin. 

Gellan is suitable to be used in various gelatin desserts due to its functional properties in the presence of sugars. 

The commercial gellan has a divalent cation content and the gel gets stronger by adding sugars, also the clarity of the gel increases. Gellan is also stable at high temperatures (it resists up to 90 °C) and the jelly confectionery maintains shape and consistency for a longer period of time. 

Water absorption is a very important property for the use of gellan gels in foods. Gellan has the ability to absorb large quantities of water and thus, the foods can keep the shape and freshness for a longer period of time.

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