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Gellan gum can be used to prepare a fruit gel beverage without significantly increasing beverage viscosity. A beverage with the following formulation for your reference:
fruit gel beverage with gellan gum
fruit gel beverage with gellan gum

Ingredients                                          wt.%
Part 1
Water                                                   47.30
Sucrose                                                10.00
Citric acid, anhydrous                        0.25
CINOGEL Low Acyl gellan gum       0.04
Calcium lactate                                    0.05
Sodium citrate dihydrate                   0.06
Part 2
Fruit juice                                             42.30

Blend together sucrose, citric acid, Low Acyl gellan gum, calcium lactate and sodium citrate dihydrate and dissolve into boiling water with continuous stirring.
Add the fruit juice to part 1 and deposit into suitable containers and allow to cool. The resulting product is a weakly gelled product which can be consumed through a straw due to the product becoming liquid on suction. 

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100% pure and NON-GMO.


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