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Gellan gum is widely used in air fresheners because of its stronger gel strength,high transparency,good water holding capacity and flavor release. Meanwhile, the irreversible gel performance and high melting temperature of gel make it suitable for used in high temperature environment such as cars. Gellan gum enables air freshener gel of crystal clarity to be formulated.

This formulation produces a crystal clear thermoreversible gel with no syneresis.
solid car air freshener gel

Ingredients list(% by weight):

-Water, 85.37%
-CINOGEL Low acyl gellan gum, 1.00 (as gelling agent)
-Tri potassium citrate monohydrate, 0.60 (as gelling salt)
-Emulan ELH 60, 3.00 (as fragrance solubilizer)
-Lutensol ON 70, 1.00 (as fragrance solubilizer)
-Kathon CG, 0.03 (as preservative)
-Denatured Ethanol(96%), 5.00

Step as below:

1, Measure the water into a vessel equipped with a good method of mixing,begin stirring vigorously.
2, Add the CINOGEL low acyl gellan gum slowly to the vortex,and continue mixing.
3,Heat to 90 degree,and hold until a clear,homogenous solution is observed,then add the gelling salt in the above list.
4,Stir for 5 min at 90 degree,and then cool down to 65 degree.
5,Pre-mix the solubilizers with the fragrance at 65 degree,and add to the solution.
6,Add the preservative and stir for 5min.
7, Pour into the containers and allow it cool down to room temperature.


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